APS’s Mission

is to enable our customers to have the utmost knowledge of their business by transforming islands.

Knowledge is power.

Francis Bacon

At APS; We Compliment.. Just for a very simple mission..

to deliver & satisfy our customers and partners alike …
Our team of professionals, who spent their whole career in multi‐national environments, gained a significant amount of experience in a wide‐spectrum of services and solutions to an exhaustive list of customers in different areas of the world, ranging from financial institutions, Telco operators, retailers, government and others. We were not just there; we gained a unique expertise, built great track records and were certified in respective areas. Our core competencies:
• Focusing on niche areas; dealing with data (management, integration, analytics, and availing to end-users through BI, reporting…).
• Partnering with best-in-class players to implement their respective solutions and compliment missing areas.
• Industry know-how; banking, telco, retailers, government, …
• Track Records in respective areas.


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Although APS has just started business on 2007, significant projects with major accounts took place. Accounts ranged from Large


APS Vision

APS Vision

APS’s Vision is to be the regional long-term partner for organizations willing to move or acquire new business platforms, especially if




Data always needs to be validated, integrated, cleansed and finally utilized to drive business as originally designed for. APS is focusing on

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