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means that you create and deploy consistent and up-to-date intelligence throughout your enterprise, enabling you to achieve “pervasive business intelligence.” Mastering this requires a synergistic combination of two powerful forms of business intelligence (BI):

Strategic Intelligence – for back office knowledge workers. Planners, financial analysts, marketing managers, and others use historical trends and insights to make informed decisions concerning customers, inventory, suppliers, products, and partners.

Operational Intelligence – for front-line workers and systems. This extends the value of your enterprise data warehouse to customer service representatives, retail cashiers and call-center agents – anyone who makes day-to-day decisions.

Active Enterprise Intelligence

Teradata’s strategy for pervasive BI, known as Active Enterprise Intelligence™, provides the foundation for near real-time, smarter decisions throughout your organization. We deliver Active Enterprise Intelligence™ solutions through our Active Data Warehousing™ technology , professional services expertise and partner products.


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