Business leaders are partnering with their IT organizations

to help drive sales, reduce risk, and manage growing regulatory compliance. They are also relying on IT to provide them with a 360 degree view of customers, supply chain, and financial and performance management.
EDW consolidates data from multiple sources in support of enterprise wide decision making and related information needs such as reporting, analysis, and planning.
The vision for the EDW is to provide information that is secure, accurate, timely, consistent, integrated, appropriately detailed, well-organized, and easy to obtain so that people throughout the Enterprise’s staff, business users, IT people, business line managers and senior managers whom will be better able to assess their needs, set priorities, understand the impact of change, and fulfill their programmatic responsibilities more efficiently.

Data Marts can be independent of the EDW, or connected to it and share common data definitions. Increasingly, the hybrid data warehouse (DW) has become common and consists of EDW-style third normal form schema and data mart star schema and OLAP cubes in the same database

Teradata EDW Enterprise Data Warehouse
To deliver on business requirements and technical requirements such as predictable performance, IT organizations must leverage best of breed technologies. These technologies must evolve and grow with the business. An Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) from Teradata allows you to better analyze business operations and drive smarter, faster decisions – providing you with a single view of your business.
At the heart of our solutions is a platform of products that grow with you and a world class database Teradata 12. Teradata offers a new family of purpose-built platforms that span the business and analytical data warehouse needs of your entire organization. The EDW platform is the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse and is surrounded by a full suite of data management tools and robust data mining software. Plus, you’ll receive expert data warehouse advice from the industry’s most experienced data warehouse consulting professionals. These are just a few of the reasons why industry leaders worldwide choose Teradata solutions and services.
We integrate with other business intelligence companies like Microsoft, and Microstrategy. We also rely on world class partners to deliver key solutions built on the Teradata EDW including data acquisition and integration services from companies such as IBM and Informatica.


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