Churn Prediction Solution

Predict churn customers in order to minimize revenue loss by taking appropriate action to retain them.

Payment Model Solution:

Predict customer payment behavior in order to minimize revenue loss by taking appropriate action according to the model result.

A customer payment behavior is detected base on customer’s level of committed, his accumulated bills, and his payment risk factors.

Tariff Advisor Solution:

Tariff Advisor is an advanced data analytic model used to analyze the subscriber’s usage behaviors. Then select the best tariff for each subscriber according to his usage behavior.

Tariff Advisor solution will provide a response that specifies the tariff that fit each subscriber’s needs with the lowest price.


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APS has most of the market leaders’ technology awareness, which are competing and sometimes complementing each other.


FATCA Solution


Enacted by the US Government and designed to target tax non-compliance by US tax payers with foreign accounts. FATCA regulatory


Online AML Solution


Online AML solution is a designed IT solution to comply, detect, alert and block transactions in online behavior. It covers multilingual and

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