Online AML solution is a designed IT solution

to comply, detect, alert and block transactions in online behavior. It covers multilingual and multi watch-lists screening, and can be interfaced to any banking application, operates on all major platforms. APS’s Online AML solution enables the following functionalities:

KYC of Customer on Board
Ad-Hoc Customer screening verses watch list
Watch List Alerts Management
KYC & Watch List Reports and Full reporting capabilities
Online integration with core bank systems
Online integration with swift covering all types of messages
False Positives Management
Name matching with controlable sensitivity
Name transilteration from English to Arabic and vice versa
Monitoring of Politically exposed transactions
Report and Control funds to/from specific countries
Screening of Arabic names verses latin watch-lists
Audit Trail
Supports multiple watch-lists (OFAC, UN,Dow Jones,…, etc.), central bank watch-list and internal bank wath-list
Advanced customizable reporting
Advanced customizable workflow supports maker/checker/authorizer
Multiple listening for inbound/outbound folders


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